Monday, June 5, 2017

Walking in a Winter Wonderland :)

May 22, 2017

Wow so much has happened this week it was so crazy fun! We started the week off wonderfully by finding two new investigators, Adriana and her son Franco! We taught the first lesson and they were sooo receptive and we´re so excited to start working more with them....the sad part is that they´ll be in Cordoba for the next two weeks so when they get back that´s when we´ll really be able to start teaching them more.

We had a wonderful experience at a branch council meeting, our branch president is so awesome! He is so amazing and really has the right mindset and right ideas to help the church here in Trevelin grow, it´s such a special time to be here! He bore his testimony and the Spirit was so strong! I know that God is preparing the people here in Trevelin for the gospel. I see His hand in the lives of these people every single day.

So funny story for the week! Hahaha I still can´t stop laughing about this. I had made a chocolate cake and we decided to share with the elders so when they stopped by, I told them I had made it because it was my birthday! They fell for it hard core and felt really bad that they didn´t know. I said it was okay and thought that was that. hahaha. Five minutes later  there´s a knock on our door. I answer it and the elders are standing there with ice cream in their hands and are singing me happy birthday in spanish!!!! I didn´t know what to do I was speechless, I felt so bad! My companion´s behind me and she´s like " Elders! It´s not true!" The elders faces are bright red and they say "chao hermanas". They forgave us but oh my gosh it was tooo funny.

Also yesterday! My comp and I had our first experience with Argentina snow!!! That´s right it snowed! I was so happy and Hna. Onofre even more because she had never seen snow before! It was soo fun. But we were drenched because we weren´t prepared for it! It was so beautiful and so magical. I hope we get more soon :)

pic 1: Being silly :P
pic 2: SNOW :)
pic 3: Drawing my district hahaha
pic 4: Watching chickens cross the road hahaha