Monday, June 5, 2017

Trips, Traveling and Trevelin!

April 17, 2017

I think this week wins for hands down craziest of my mission. It all started out just fine Monday and Tuesday were great with us working hard, then Tuesday night we got a call from the secretary of the mission telling us that I had to go to Neuquen to do legal paperwork, so we left for Neuquen Wednesday morning at 7:30 and arrived around 8:30 at night, we stayed the night with hermanas in Neuquen and Thursday in the morning we went to the police in Neuquen and I was fingerprinted and given my passport, maybe one day I´ll be legal here haha.

Right after the police office we went back to the terminal and took a bus back to Esquel and arrived around 11 at night. At 2 in the morning we got on another bus to go back to Neuquen with all the missionaries in the south of the mission. We arrived Friday night. Saturday morning we had a conference with one of the apostles, Russell M. Nelson! It was the best thing of my life. After the conference, they gave us a box of empanadas and then back on a bus we went to get back to Esquel. We arrived home in Trevelin around 8 in the morning on Sunday. Yep, hands down craziest week ever. Hna. Torre and I are soooo tired! We drugged up good on dramamine haha.

So the conference first. It was so incredible to be together with the whole mission with one of the apostles of the Lord. Everything that was said was so profound. I loved that Sister Nelson spoke too and her talk just rang true in so many ways. She talked about the premortal world and that we came to earth with a to do list and that me being here on the mission was definitely on that list. I love the feeling of trying to fulfill my purpose that Heavenly Father has for me.

She also talked about how our beliefs and how we act should be the same. What we believe affects the way we act. So when we´re not living the commandments the Lord has for us we feel that guilt and sadness of not living what we believe. So what needs to change? Our actions. But instead the world has it so that we change our beliefs to try to trick ourselves out of feeling saddened when our actions don´t live up to our beliefs. I don´t know if I explained that very well but it was so profound to me! So true! Our beliefs don´t need to change but our actions do! That´s how we live happily :)

There were so many amazing things in the conference and it made me the happiest person alive to hug all my former comps! I love my companions so so much! I miss them so much!

Sorry this is the longest email ever but one more miracle for the week was our investigator Pamela came with us to church! She has one of the strongest testimonies ever and I just feel so blessed to be here helping her prepare for the special day of her baptism.

I can´t thank you all enough for your endless love, prayers and support. I am so so grateful for my mission experience and I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His children so much. That He knows me perfectly and every experience I have is not only to help others but to help me too. I learn so much every single day! I´m so grateful for Easter to remember Jesus Christ and that we need him so much, a time to rejoice that we have a Savior! Have a wonderful week seeing all of God´s many miracles :)

pic 1: Relief Society cake for Easter!
pic 2: So dead from so much traveling!
pic 3: We climbed a mountain today!
pic 4: I love jumping photos....haha!

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