Monday, June 5, 2017


March 27, 2017

The week went by really fast! Hna. Torre and I just spent it getting to know each other  better and me getting to know the members and the investigators here. Trevelin is so cute, it reminds me so much of being in 25 de mayo, my second pueblito. But Trevelin is super pretty! There´s little mountains and everything is so much more green here in comparison to Argentina plains and desert. It feels like I´m up at a really tiny Park City. Lots of little tourist shops and people from all over traveling through. It´s pretty cool, on the other side of the mountains is Chile! We´re super close to the border down here.

I´m still adjusting to the change of pace from city life in Roca to pueblo but I love it here and I´m excited for all the work Hna. Torre and I are gonna do together! She´s so amazing! This week we saw so many miracles. In the first 12 weeks program as part of her training, we´re focusing on the Book of Mormon and with two of our investigators we were able to see miracles with them accepting a copy and wanting to read and learn more :)

I had to give a talk in church yesterday about how the members are essential with missionary work and it was a great opportunity for us to start the transfer off right with letting the members know how they can help us. There´s only about 20-30 of us in sacrament meeting, we´re a little branch but the people here are so special!

Sorry, here´s a pretty bad pic of Hna. Torre and I....hahaha

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