Monday, June 5, 2017

The Highest of Highs, The Lowest of Lows

March 21, 2017

This week flew by! It was so crazy busy. We prepped Ramiro for his baptism and he was all good to go! He really is so special, so prepared! It was such a crazy day because Roca keeps having problems with their water, they keep shutting it off in the whole city because there´s a broken pipe or something that they´re trying to get fixed so Hna. Peterson and I were in a panic trying to fill the font in time before they were going to cut the water at 3! Luckily because in Argentina everybody´s a half hour or hour late for everything we filled it just in time :) And on top of it, we didn´t have our elders around. They got whitewashed to the office in Neuquen! So we were without our district leader for a good couple days, but we did it!

That night after the baptism is when we got transfer calls. Hna. Peterson´s staying in Roca for her 5th transfer there! And as for me I´m now in Trevelin, a little pueblo south of Esquel. I´m in Chubut! My companion is Hermana Torre from Corrientes, Argentina! She´s the cutest sweetest thing ever. I´ll send pics next week for sure! Something they forgot to tell me in the transfer call is that I´ll be finishing her training too! I´m a mom again! I found that out when I met her haha. Surprise!

It was so so so hard to say goodbye to everyone in Roca. I love Roca so much! I had to give a farewell testimony in sacrament meeting and then Hna. Peterson gave a talk and she just is so amazing! In our 4 months together she has just grown so much and is just the best missionary ever, she made me cry so much! It was so special to be able to see her grow. Our cute little less active friend Marcela went to church and then later that night we went to her house and she made me goobye cake, it´s a miracle to see her coming back to church :)

I´m thouroughly exhausted. It was an all day bus ride to get down to Trevelin. I´m literally at the bottom of the mission. It doesn´t get more south than this! I´ve now been in the northest part and the southest! That´s pretty cool.

pic 1: Ramiro was baptized on Saturday!!!!
pic 2: selfie with Ramiro y Evelyn :)
pic 3: peace out Roca
pic 4: Marcela made me a goodbye cake and hot chocolate. I´m gonna miss Roca soooo much!
pic 5: pic with the youth!
pic 6: Cecilia, Luna, Santino and Joaquin! Recent convert family <3

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