Monday, June 5, 2017

Roca de Eternidad

March 6, 2017

Funny story to explain the title, for comp study Hna. Peterson and I couldn`t decide what hymn to sing when she found Rock of the Ages but in spanish it`s Roca de eternidad and we feel like we`ve been in Roca for an eternity! Pretty funny though.

This week was so awesome, just helping the investigators that we have keep progressing. The cute couple that we found, Romiro and Evelyn both went to church for the first time yesterday! They really liked it and had lots of good questions afterwards. They`re just soaking up everything we teach!

Patricia is still on a crazy work schedule so it was a little insane trying to find her this week but when we did, she told us that she took out a date to get married! She and her husband will get married in June! I didn`t know whether to cry because I was happy or because I was sad. She`s going to get married! But June is so far off, just remembering that it will all be on the Lord`s time. 

We had conference with Pres. Casariego this week and the spirit was so strong! He is amazing. Everything he helps us do in the mission is so inspired and we`re just going head on with the work! 

pic 1: Our faces when you lose power and water for 20 hours. 
pic 2: Us and the hermana leaders at our conference
pic 3: Argentina has it`s pretty moments

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