Monday, June 5, 2017

Oi! Vive Brasil!

May 8, 2017

Okay so this week went by so fast! Filled with more traveling from Esquel to Neuquen and back again. I left for Neuquen Tuesday in the morning and that night I spent with the hermanas there. I met the new sister missionaries, two from Buenos Aires and one from Brazil. I thought that as soon as I met them I would know which one would be my future companion, like I did when I met my trainer but that didn´t happen, I had no idea! Up until the moment they told us.

I´m with Hermana Onofre from Brazil! She´s so awesome, so sweet and we get along really well. I´m really excited for everything that we´re going to do together, all the people we´re gonna help. It was so great, our first day together we were able to put a baptism date with one of our investigators, Anahi. Hna. Onofre has a ton of energy to work so we´re both super excited.

Saturday we were in Esquel for Chapel Openhouse and then we were back in Esquel on Sunday for our conference with Pte. Casariego and the assistants. It was super good. We talked a lot about the holy ghost and how we can be succeessful missionaries. Through our desires, knowledge and capacidad. I love being on a mission, I never want it to end! There´s always more work to do and I´m just so grateful for my time here in Argentina. I love sharing my testimony with everyone that we meet.

pic1: Pillow picture :)
pic 2: On the way back to Trevelin
pic 3: Already eating good food from Brazil