Monday, June 5, 2017

May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

My first full week in action with Hna. Onofre and it was a great one! Not because we had a ton of success but because we really gave it everything we had. We worked so hard together and both feel that we´re here in Trevelin for a reason. Just working on finding those that are ready for our message. We talked to pretty much every person we saw this week :)

Everyday is full of miracles and the mission has just really helped me be grateful for all the tender mercies of the Lord. I´m so happy to be right where I am, sharing my testimony with all the people I get to meet. Trevelin has a ton of investigators that previos missionaries have been working with but that aren´t progressing and it´s helped me remember how hard it is to change. I´ve learned more than ever that if we want to change, if we want to be better, we´ve got to be the one´s that make the choice. That´s why we have our Savior to help us out and motivate us and give us the opportunity to really change our hearts if we let Him. But it all starts with our simple decisions everyday. And it can be so hard but it´s so worth it. 

I´m ready for another week helping the Lord do His work and just always trusting in Him, He knows who is ready and I´ve just got to keep being my best self and He´ll lead us to those who are waiting for the gospel. 

pic 1: I made snickerdoodles and they turned out sooo great!
pic 2: Skyping the fam
pic 3: us with one of our investigators son, Maximoooo :)
pic 4: Servicio...with some extra help :)