Monday, June 5, 2017


May 1, 2017

What a week and it all led up to transfers. We recieved our transfers Sunday after church which gave us absolutely no time for anything. It was so crazy because Hna. Torre and I both felt so confident in staying together and staying in Trevelin. I´ve learned that transfers are never what you want or are expecting. So I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Hna. Torre and she´s off to Neuquen Centro! She´s going to be whitewashed with her new companion. That means they´re both gonna be new to the area. I´m so excited for her because she´s amazing and can do anything but so sad because I´m gonna miss her guts.

As for me well I´m staying in Trevelin which makes me super happy! And I´m gonna be training again!!! Wow so many emotions but I´ve just gotta trust the Lord, right? So I´m gonna be with the Hermanas in Esquel until Wednesday or so and then head up to Neuquen to the mission home to find out who my companion will be! I´m so nervous and excited and it´s so much pressure! It´s gonna be so different starting a training than it has been to finish. Praying my heart out that I´ll be able to help my newbie out.

So all yesterday Hna. Torre and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything prepared. Her packed up and the pension clean and saying goodbye to everyone and we had to figure it all out. I was folding clothes when I found a ladybug which is super random but it always makes me think of my mom and how ladybugs are a sign of good luck. Idk it just was a tender mercy to help me feel more calm and ready for this next week which will be crazy.

This week we saw some pretty awesome miracles. We´re visiting a little lady named Olga and she´s just the most chit chatty person ever, she loves to talk but we were able to invite her to be baptized and she accepted! We´re gonna help her have a date but it was a miracle that she accepted and has the desire to learn more. The work here in Trevelin is slow paced and everybody already knows who we are so it makes it a little rough but I´ve learned to just keep working hard and trusting in those miracles.

I´m ready for another transfer loving and serving the people in Trevelin! Lots of love,

Hermana Slade

pic 1: Last family photo outside the Elders´pension. Their landlord´s dog Nemo is our best friend.
pic 2: Saying goodbye to Hna. Torre :(
pic 3: I am loving Fall!!!
pic 4: Never too cold for ice cream on hard days.
pic 4: Picking pears outside the church haha....