Tuesday, March 7, 2017

(Rocky Start)


This week was a rocky start to the transfer but Hermana Peterson and I manage to find the motivation to keep working hard. Being with her for so long in the same area we`ve just felt discouraged when we aren`t seeing the difference in the ward, in the less actives, in the investiagators. The mission can be frustrating! But it gave us the opportunity to learn patience, humility, and remember the Savior and the importance of our calling and the work we`re doing.

I know Heavenly Father is aware of each one of us as His beloved children. He knows us perfectly and blesses us with exactly what we need. I learned this week that we can be doing everything right, exact obedience, everything but that doesn`t mean that everything will go right. Challenges still come, that`s just life, that`s the mission. The difference is that with the gospel we can face our challenges head on and have the hope and the faith to get through them with the Lord`s help.

In Relief Society on Sunday the lesson was on positivity and happiness. That`s something that Hna. Peterson and I definitely have and it was such a good reminder to me to just be happy :) Life is so good. We`ve got the gospel :) Being grateful for where we we are, the blessings we have is everything! That`s happiness. And I`m so happy because I know that I`m a daughter of God and that He loves me. And I`ve been blessed with the opportunity to share that love with His children here in Roca. I`m so grateful for the mission and we`re going to see some beautiful miracles this week.

Love you all!!!! Hermana Slade

Pic 1: Feeling a little older today.....
Pic 2: Marcela! She`s the cutest sister ever! We had an awesome FHE with her this week.
Pic 3: Sometimes ya just gotta go get an alfajor. :)

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