Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Love is All You Need


This week was definitely a happy one. Hna. Peterson and I celebrated my birthday by going to the stake center and making lunch with all the other missionaries in the zone. Hna. Barbosa made me a brazilian pudding which was soooo good. Our landlord also invited us for dinner and made us the best asado (Argentina bbq) ever! And they were the sweetest to give us a cake too. I felt so loved and grateful and just so excited for this year!!!

Valentine`s day we didn`t do a lot to celebrate, we did buy 2 corazones, it`s this chocolate candy that you share with someone and inside is a cheesy love quote. Our investigator, Alejandra, gave us some homemade canolones which were incredible!

Alejandra, we just love this lady so much! She`s become our friend and she`s progressing so much. She loves coming to church and we gave her a book of mormon and when we went back she had already read 4 chapters. We feel so blessed to know her. She`s the investigator that just walked into church one sunday, our miracle <3.

We also were contacting a lot this week to help us find some new investigators, and we met this woman who didn`t really want to hear a lot but she told us that we could visit her sister. Well we went to her sister`s house and she didn`t want to talk to us either, but her son did! So now we`re working with him and his girlfriend who are super receptive.

Yesterday at church, one of our less active friends, Marcela, that we`ve been working with for the last two transfers, she finally came to church!!!!! My comp and I could not stop smiling :) She`s the cutest lady ever.

There`s so many good and bad moments in everyday. There`s never a good or bad day in the mission, every single day is a mix of the two! But remembering the good moments is what makes all the hard work worhwhile. As a missionary I love having a front row seat to seeing all of God`s miracles. Just spreading His love to every single one of his children! We had a new investigator this week tell us, "I feel like you guys just do what you do with so much love!"

I feel so much love for all my friends and family! Thank you for the love and support!

Con amor, Hermana Slade

pic 1: Birthday wishes! Wishing for the best year to come!
pic 2: Enjoying beautiful General Roca :)
pic 3: Celebrating Valentine`s Day with Pink and Red

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