Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Yes, leave. We`re about to read something sacred."


This week was definitely an emotional rollercoaster or us gringas in Roca. We started the week really good, determined to finish the transfer strong. We were busy helping prep Felipe for his baptism and Patricia so that she can get married and get to church on sunday. We were finding new investigators and it was all going really well.

All week we were worried about transfers, I felt confident about staying but so did Hna. Peterson. But we already have two transfers together and President usually always switches things up especially with the hermanas so we weren`t expecting to stay together. We get a text on friday from the zone leaders saying we won`t know transfers until sunday!!!

Sunday comes and it was just one of the crazier days in the mission where everything seems to go horribly wrong. We go to get Patricia for church and she`s not there. We get to church and Felipe`s there! Yay. Because the elders had a baptism yesterday we were just planning on keeping the water in the font for Felipe`s baptism. But the elders come and they forgot the keys to get into the font so they had to walk back to their pension which is far from the church. While they`re gone Felipe just really starts doubting, feeling like he`s not ready to be baptized. Elder Ortega comes back to talk to Felipe while my companion and I go to check the font. There`s no water. So we have to start filling it. It was just one thing after another and Felipe ended up deciding to not be baptized yesterday. It was one of the more heartbreaking days of my mission.

We get home from church waiting to get the call for transfers, just waiting to hear that we`re getting split up. So when we find out that we`re both staying in Roca together it was just a huge tender mercy!!! We are so happy and so excited. Heavenly Father loves us and he loves his children!

Funny story from the title line was lunch with Hna. Coti. She`s hilarious and her sister is even funnier. Her sister answered the phone right when we were about to share a scripture, so she excuses herself and Hna. Coti replies with, " Yes, leave. We`re about to read something sacred." Hna. Peterson and I couldn`t hide our smiles it was just too funny.

We`re so excited for the miracles to come in this next transfer! I love Roca!!

pic 1: Jumping for joy because we`re staying together and we`re staying in Roca!!!!!!!
pic 2: The elders had a beautiful baptism on Saturday!
pic 3: Familia Nielsen! One of our favorite families! We still didn`t know transfers so Hna. Peterson and I started taking pics with the members haha. They get us for another six weeks though!

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