Thursday, February 9, 2017

Excuse me....We`re looking for Jesus?


This week went by so fast, most likely because we had intercambios this week. I was with Hermana Farr, she`s from Draper Utah. We had a blast together and were able to find a lot of miracles and have some funny moments too, I`ve never had a dog try to pee on me before.....

Hermana Peterson and I were able to get a lot done this week. We were busy contacting some references that we had recieved and one of the names was Jesus. So we had a good laugh about that, a couple of missionaries looking for Jesus. We weren`t able to find him but we did find a young mom, Joana. She`s really sweet and really receptive. She accepted a date for baptism! Hermana Peterson and I are so excited for her.

We`ve been really focusing on our Colombian friend, Felipe. He has been to church so many times now and has all the lessons but just won`t committ to a specific date for his baptism. We`ve been praying and praying for him and when we went to visit him yesterday we were talking to him about this saturday as a possible date but he took out his calendar and told us that he knows the date of his baptism and it`s February 5th. Hna. Peterson and I were at first a little frustrated, why does he want to wait? He could be baptized this Saturday! But the spirit gave me the humbling reminder, that I`m not here to do what I want but what the Lord wants and it was a miracle that Felipe chose a date for his baptism. I`m so grateful for that experience, this is the Lord`s work and we`re here helping people.

I know that this is exactly where I`m supposed to be right now, here in Roca with Hna. Peterson. This place and these people are changing my life :)

Pic 1: Pday craziness :)
Pic 2: When a cat takes a nap in your sombrero
Pic 3: A birthday selfie. Hna. Peterson`s officially out of her teens! She`s 20!!!!

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