Thursday, February 9, 2017



Hello everyone! This week was pretty full of adventure. It`s really funny, Hna. Peterson and I are always looking forward to something to help keep us motivated, the next District meeting, or conferences, birthdays, things like that. But we weren`t ready for a jam packed day on Wednesday! We were up at 4 in the morning to head to Neuquén for tramites for Hermana Peterson so she can get her Argentina ID. So we spent the morning in Neuquén only to rush back to Roca to be in time for the worldwide missionary conference.

It was such an awesome conference, just full of so many things that I needed to hear to help with the work, how to help our investiagators. And there`s changes in the schedule! The best is that we`re now planning in the mornings instead of at night and we have more time on Pdays to get everything we need to done. These changes were so inspired, exactly what us missionaries need.

Felipe`s getting baptized next Sunday! He came to church yesterday and he`s just so prepared. We`re so happy for him! He`s 73 years old but knows that it`s true and he`s just so humble. I`ve learned so much from him and the opportunity to help him learn the gospel. Hna. Peterson and I love him so much!

We`ve been busy finding new investigators and we`ve got a lot with potential. We`re really excited about them and praying for them everyday. Overall it was a wonderful week! Lots love and a big sweaty hug because it`s been so HOT!

Hermana Slade :)

pic !: Making new friends on the colectivo home from Neuquén! Elder Ross and Elder Richey!
pic 2: Trying to get pics of our awesome tan lines...Tony`s too ;)
pic 3: Roca`s beautiful summer nights
pic 4: Felipe made us some Colombian food!

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