Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stake Conference :)

December 5, 2016 

This week was really good. Lots of new people, new experiences and lots of laughs! So yesterday was Stake Conference and Pte and Hermana Casariego came. They spoke and it was so cool to hear from them. It was so funny because afterwards when we go to say hi, he takes a look at us and says,
"Hermanas! I sure hope you`re using sunscreen!" Hahaha it was too funny, Hermana Peterson and I are constantly comparing who it is that`s whiter, but we`ve definitely been using sunscreen.

So a recent convert, her son now wants to be baptized! It was so sudden, we were visiting his mom and he`s got a cigarette in hand as he asks us what he has to do to be baptized! It`s amazing to see the Lord change the hearts of the people we teach. He`s already started reading the Book of Mormon and we`re going to keep visiting him. His mom is beyond happy she really wants to be an eternal family with her kids.

We decided to fast this weekend so that we could have an investigator at the Conference. We prayed that Ruby`s dad would give her permission to go, that our investigator Patricia would have the desires to go and that everyone would get up on time to be able to. Heavenly Father answered every one of our prayers. But things still went where no one was actually there. Ruby`s dad said she could go but when we went she couldn`t leave because her dad went out and she had to watch the house. When we visited Patricia she said she wanted to go and would but she called us Sunday morning saying she couldn`t make it. It definitely was a trial of our faith!

I love every experience I`m having and Hermana Peterson is such an amazing missionary! We just keep learning together and taking it day by day remembering to be grateful for all the little miracles too.

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