Thursday, January 12, 2017


January 9, 2017

This week was one of those in between weeks, there was lots of good and some bad too. But for the good! I feel like the members here have our trust! Yesterday at church we got a ton of references from them which is awesome! It was such a sweet testimony meeting. Cecilia and her son Santino, recent converts, went up and bore their testimonies. The spirit was so strong! Our investigator, Felipe, even went up and shared why he was taking the lessons from us and how he wants to learn more. And talking about miracles....

So usually at church Hna. Peterson has to play the piano so that leaves me to direct the music so we`re up in front and can see everyone in the meeting. Right when sacrament started we noticed a woman we don`t know slip in and sit by a family. We thought she was a friend or relative but afterwards when we went to talk to her, she told us that she went to church at the stake center but then she heard that there was a church building closer to where she lives so she came to our ward building. She`s not a member but just told us that she feels something different when she comes! We`re going to visit her this Wednesday!!!

I love being here in Roca, the people, the members and the work that`s taking place here. This week we had another conference with Presidente Casariego and he talked about if we as missionaries truly felt the Lord with us every single day when we leave to work in the morning. And how Moses when he had to go talk to Pharoah he was nervous and scared because he imagined doing it alone and forgot that the Lord was going to be with him the whole time. How Moses extended his hand but it was the Lord that parted the sea. That stood out to me so much, I sometimes feel it`s just my efforts in trying to teach and help people learn the gospel but it`s not. I just open my mouth and the Lord is the one working the miracles that we have the blessing of seeing.

In Hna. Peterson`s words, Lots of love and a great big hug!!!!

Pic 1: We finally brought sombreros!!! Always trying to hide from the sun!
Pic 2: Roca 2 District! Elder Ortega from Mexico and Elder Kelshaw from Utah.....and Elder Bliss being a creeper in the back haha
Pic 3: Hna. Peterson and I are becoming the same person....LOVE HER!

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