Thursday, January 12, 2017

General Roca!

November 21, 2016 

Wow, I survived my first week in Roca and I`m already learning to love it here! The members are so sweet and just really patient with having two awkward gringas here haha.

We`ve already been seeing some miracles together. So last transfer Hermana Peterson and Hermana Flores helped a family be baptized, a mom and her two kids but they didn`t come to church for two weeks so they still hadn`t been confirmed. We visited them and called and prayed and yesterday they were confirmed members of the church! It was so wonderful and such a tender mercy! It was so funny, one of them said they wanted Hermana Peterson to give them the Holy Ghost and she was sooo cute she said, "I don`t have the authority but I do have lots of hugs!!" Hahaha this family is just the best they were golden.

We`ve been doing our best just talking to everyone to find some new people to visit and our ward has the highest number of less active members so we got lists of all the names and we`ve been working through those, it`s hard a lot of times the address is wrong or the person doesn`t live there anymore. One day we decided to try an address and we found the elders in our area at the same address! They told us that the less active family that lives there wants us to come visit and they want to come back to church and have one kid that is baptism age. We were so excited!

I think I`ve learned more in this week than ever before to recognize and follow the promptings of the Spirit. Everyday I´m just constantly relying on it to help me know what to say and do and where we should go. We can trust in the Spirit and it won`t ever let us down!

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