Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas time is here!!!

December 26, 2016 

Mom's remarks: it was great talking to Lynzee yesterday.  She is so happy and loving her mission.  She is thinking of extending, but that would only be for 2 weeks. Her English has a slight Spanish accent.  She said she is doing so much better with the language that she feels like her real self by joking around a bit more. She said she and her companion were both sick a few days ago, but we're thinking it was probably heat exhaustion. Her companion has only been out three months and was crying when she was talking to her family.  Lynzee is her usual outgoing, independent self.  She is tan and says her hair is getting blonder.  Her favorite food are empanadas, which is like a stuffed pita shaped bread.  But a yummy soft bread. She said depending where you are in Argentina depends on what's inside; beef, or ham etc.  She said she is baking a lot for birthdays and other goodies. Transfers were today, but since we didn't hear anything she is probably with the same companion .

Lynzee wrote:

Hey! Hoping that everyone´s enjoying the holiday seasons! Christmas in the mission was just the funnest thing ever. I just felt so incredibly grateful to be exactly where I am with the people I am with. I´m so grateful for my family and their endless support. I just love Christmas so much. My companion and I were talking about how this time of year is just all about love. Just loving everybody and sharing God´s love is something that I feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to do as a missionary.

I am so blessed to know that Christ came to Earth just for us to give us a perfect example of love and to show us how we can all return to our Father in Heaven. His life was never easy but I love thinking that this is the work He´d be doing if He was here on the Earth.

This week Hna. Peterson and I had a little Christmas miracle. Our investigator that we´ve been teaching, he was baptized on Christmas Eve and confirmed Christmas Day. He is so amazing! He´s such an example to me of the way that Christ can change our lives if we let Him. We even spent Christmas Eve with him and his family. They are just so special. Argentina doesn´t do a lot for Christmas but they do have fireworks and that was so fun, Hna. Peterson and I loved that!

I´m so grateful to be in Argentina and sharing Christ´s love. I love all of you thanks for everything!!!!

Pic1: Joaquin´s baptism!!!!!
Pic2: Christmas Day lunch/ Skyping the family
Pic3: Joaquin making asado (Argentina bbq)
Pic4:  Merrry Christmas from Hna. Peterson and I!!!

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