Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hermana Slade's Mission : Fotos Hermana Slade

So I met Lynzee's trainer on Sunday, October 2nd. She was in Utah for a missionary reunion and conference.  It was like we had known each other forever.  She knew about our family and pets and was excited to put names with faces.

25 de Mayo was the smallest area in the Neuquen Mission.  This area only had small stores instead of Wal Mart type stores in the other areas.  She said that this was the only place she served where they brought their tuppers (like tupperware) or containers to the members homes to be filled with food, which they took back to their pension.  Usually missionaries dine with the family.  She said the apartment they had was like a cave. Only portable heaters or larger ones attached to the wall. Their heater was by the front door and then there was a long dark narrow hallway (where the anthill was).  Heat never got back to the kitchen, bedroom areas.  There was only one window, in the kitchen, I believe.  The rest of the place had skylights.  The sisters were kidding the elders that they were going to switch apartments to see if they could stand living there.  Then the next day the mission president's wife did call them and tell them to switch apartments.  The elders loved where they were at cuz there was a family who gave them free hamburgers and shakes etc.

So the sisters ate an American type breakfast of oatmeal.  Lunch was the biggest meal every day. It almost exclusively consisted of beef.  Sometimes a salad, with tomatoes and oil dressing.  They would cook the beef outside and roast it inside in the winter.  The siesta was from 1-4 if I remember correctly. The missionaries would still tract during this time. Because of the daily siesta, most people were still awake until 11 pm or later.  Dessest was a piece of fruit.

She said the school children had either morning or evening school.  They wore uniforms with the boys having a white lab coat type top and the girls a white apron.

She said the people there are always ready to talk to you, and are very friendly.

Since there is petroleum plants there, if you work for a plant driving a truck you could have a very nice home like we have here.  There are also areas where the living places are made of cardboard and pieced together materials.  Now sisters are not allowed to track in those areas.

She said the technology is like here. Everyone has a big tv, computers and cell phones.  Although the phones are not smart phones or top of the line.

I asked what Lynzee was like as a greenie.  She said she would usually do what Crista asked like teach or pray but occasionally Lynzee would refuse.  Crista said Lynzee was better than she was when she was a greenie and told her trainer no a lot.

Lynzee and Christa had a lot in common, both liking sports, eating and family dynamics.  Crista says she writes Lynzee .

We went to the downtown Library so Christa could meet Mikki, the middle sister.  Christa said that she giggled just like Lynzee.  She told Mikki how much missionaries think about their families and come to appreciate family support.

That same day Lynzee's friends, Izzy, Lizzie and Jacob came to visit.  They were saying how much they missed Lynzee.  Jacob had opened his call two days before to Colombia.  And Izzy has a 3 week wait until her call comes because of conference.

It was amazing to fell the love and support Lynzee has from these friends.  Having her trainer and friends with me was the next best thing to Lynzee being with me herself.  What an amazing day and that was the icing on the top of Conference cake.   SwEEEEEt!    the mom

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