Thursday, October 13, 2016


 October 10, 2016

Officially settled into my new area, still trying to get to know my way around, and all the members but I love Centenario. It is so pretty here, lots of trees.

It´s been a rocky start. So the last transfer was a whitewash, meaning that Hermana Nieto and her companion were both brand new to the area. So there´s lots of work to do, we´re trying to meet and find new people. I´ve never been rejected more in my life than in Centenario, the people here just don´t want to talk or they already have with other missionaries and aren´t interested. But I know that just means we´re going to find the people who are ready for the gospel!

Hermana Nieto is so cute, she talks really fast though so it´s a little stressful trying to keep up with everything she´s telling me. She´s from Uruguay and we get along super well! We´re just super awkward, she has anxiety so she gets nervous talking to people and me I want to talk to everyone but just don´t have the language. Haha we´re quite a pair. But it´s fun and we´re enjoying the work.

 It´s been really warm and sunny this week which is nice because my first day here just poured buckets and we got caught in it! We were dripping wet! I´m excited for this transfer and all the miracles I´m about to see!

pic 1: Our street! Team USA and Uruguay!
pic 2: Found this really old Neuquen bus...pretty cool
pic 3: Dripping wet.....

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