Sunday, September 25, 2016

Workin, workin, workin

September 12, 2016

Wow everyday Hermana Barbosa and I are just amazed at how fast this transfer is just flying by! We are busy 24/7 and I love how much Hermana Barbosa wants to work, she is such an example to me. We`re just visiting and meeting everyone. We are working with Agustin so that he can be baptized in a few weeks and he is so ready. He`s 11 and his family is less active but he wants to be baptized and is such an example to his family. Because of him they`re starting to read the scriptures together as a family. We had a FHE with them and it was so wonderful. 

We had a miracle happen this week. We`ve been visiting a less active member, Agustina, she`s my age and has a little boy. She`s been less active pretty much her whole life. We went this week and decided to show the Restauration video and the spirit was so strong! She told us that she wanted to come to church with us this sunday. When we went by sunday morning she was already ready to come with us. It was so awesome and she said she felt really good coming to church. Hermana Barbosa said that she always says she`ll come but then never can and it was so awesome that she came. 

pic 1: Isn`t Argentina just gorgeous?
pic 2: Hermana Barbosa loves her dulce de leche haha
pic 3: Our church here in Plaza.

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