Saturday, September 10, 2016

Casi Zapala

Aug 29, 2016 

So yeah.... I had about a day and a half being companions with Hermana Dandaluz y Hermana Romero before we recieved a call from the assistants. Emergency Transfers, yay! So there was an hermana that was supposed to come to the mission but didn`t, she got married! and the hermana that was going to train her didn`t have a companion. So because I was in a trio I was the one that got to go.

My companion is the gorgeous Hermana Barbosa! She`s from Brazil and just barely finished her training, she`s got about 3 months in the mission. She`s amazing! Haha it`s fun trying to pick up some Portugues too. Her spanish is incredible though so much better than mine but our dictionaries have become our new best friend. I`m constantly looking up words from english to spanish, spanish to porteuguese and back to spanish hahaha. We get by though and she is an incredible missionary.

She hurt her foot and couldn`t walk for a bit and had to go to medico and have 5 days of rest so lots of time in the pension. But oh my gosh our pension is brand new! It`s HUGE! It gave me time to get settled in but we are definitely ready to get to work. Already we`re prepping David, the son of a member for his baptism. Things have been complicated and crazy as always but that`s what I love about the mission.

This week I`ve just learned a whole lot about love. The moment I met Hermana Barbosa I was filled with this overwhelming love and appreciation for her! And the members and all the people that I`ve met in my new area Plaza Huincal. I just have been thinking a lot lately about the love that our Heavenly Father has for every single one of us and I want to try my best to fill the world with that love. I`m not a great missionary, I still don`t know spanish very well but if I help someone learn that they have a Heavenly Father that loves them, then I can end my day happy :)  Thank you for all the love and support that I`ve recieved and know that I love all of you so much!


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