Monday, August 15, 2016

One Lucky Duck

July 11, 2016

This week wiped me out. I don`t remember most of it because I just became so sick, it started with a sore throat for the first few days then turned into a full on cold with some flu symptoms. Yeah, coming straight from Utah´s winter to Argentina´s is kind of putting my immune system into overdrive. I can`t even count how many different medicines and cough drops and teas I took. I was so out of it. 

The last few days it turned into a really bad cough and it became worse because we had to travel to Neuquen so that I could do some legal paperwork. I was coughing every 2 seconds and nothing seemed to be helping. Hna. Lahmann was kind of freaking out haha trying to figure out what I had and trying to call Hna. Casariego for help. Finally last night right before everyone needed to be in our pensions we asked the elders to come give me a blessing. It was our district leader, Elder Valenzuela´s last night because he leaves today to head home. But he and Elder Baldovino came with a member and were able to give me a blessing. Elder Valenzuela is from Utah and he was able to give the blessing in English. It was so perfect and exactly what I needed. He blessed me that I would heal and whatever sickness I had would leave so that I could keep working. It was so special, and after they left I went to write in my journal and after a few minutes I realized something. I hadn´t been coughing! I felt completely fine, normal. Hna. Lahmann and I were crying we were so happy!

I always hear others experiences with priesthood blessings but this one was so powerful and personal. Especially because saturday was transfers. I was so worried that I would be transferred somewhere else because Hna. Lahmann extended her mission for 2 and a half weeks and the mission office told her that she would finish here in 25 de mayo. BUT! I´m staying too! We´re staying together! I think I´m the first missionary that´s going to have been with their trainer for 14 weeks haha but here`s the other great news! We´re going to be a trio! Hna. Ambrioso is coming to be my companion for when Hna. Lahmann leaves! She`s from Peru and supposed to arrive later today. I can´t wait to meet her and it´s definitely been an adventure trying to figure out how to have three hermanas in our tiny pension. 

So I am the luckiest duck ever. I couldn´t be happier now that I´m healed and still with Hna. Lahmann. We still have so much work that we want to do, I want to help her finish her mission strong!

pic 1: Hna. Lahmann made me this for my cumplemes :)
pic 2: Me with argentina grafitti 
pic 3: Our last district meeting with Elder Valenzuela ):

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