Monday, August 15, 2016

Mi Pinky

August 8, 2016

 I know you´re probably curious about the title of this email, I just have to take a second to say how much I love Hna. Ambrosio! Haha she´s so funny, she kept calling me her pinky and I had no idea what that meant! She kept telling me that it´s english and I was like whaaa? It means like a pinky promise, that I´m her pinky best friend. I love it :)

We had an awesome week working together! We saw so many miracles. We had intercambios with the Hermana Lider here in 25 de mayo and we found some new investigators that accepted fechas for baptism and 3 that came to church! It´s so true that as long as you keep working hard then God will bring miracles.

We found a woman named Patricia and she is a gem, en serio.  Hna. Lahmann and I had went looking for someone who lived there but didn´t have any luck. Then when I was with Hna. Allpacca for intercambios and all of our plans for the day fell through! Even our regular investiagators, members, contacts. Nobody, nobody was home or had time to talk! I didn´t know what to do, it was Hna. Allpacca´s first time in 25 and she´s not an hermana lider and I was kind of freaking out. But we said a prayer and I just knew in my heart that no one was home because there was someone else that we needed to find.

We started just walking and visiting every old investigator, every reference, every less active but still with no luck. We passed the panderia and remembered that I´d come here with Hna. Lahmann before so we clapped at the house and Patricia answered! We talked to her for a bit and Hna. Ambrosio and I went back the next day and she accepted to read the book of mormon and to be baptized! She wasn´t able to come to church because she went to Catriel but she told us that she´s been missing something spiritually in her life. She is older, in her early 40s and lives alone, she´s an artist of ceramics and her house is literally covered with art! She´s like our best friend now :)

We´re still working with Mauro, we´re just praying every day that his work schedule will give him time to be baptized this week! We visit every day but he´s always at work. He wants to be baptized though and it´s definitely his time! Wow, Hna. Ambrosio and I just have so much work to do and we are more than excited to do it.

Pic 1: New month= more money!! #alwaysbroke
pic 2: You know "today´s gonna be a great day" when you find Phineas and Ferb in Argentina!
pic 3: Perfecting my cinnamon rolls for a Family Home Evening :)
pic 4: Hermana Maldonado (our hna. leader) and her comp Hna. Allpacca

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