Saturday, July 9, 2016

Two Little Miracles

June 27, 2016

Wow, this week went by so slow, it just felt so long, I´m so excited to be starting a new week! But the best thing that happened this week was Sofia and Prisila, they´re sisters that are nine and eleven. We´ve been teaching them off and on and they  came to church one time but they both accepted baptism dates and they´re going to get baptized this next Saturday July 2nd! They love us so much it´s so cute. Hna. Lahmann were just in shock because their situation is a little complicated, they live with only their dad, their mom left them. But they love coming to church and they both want to be baptized so much. Sofia´s so cute because she is super scared of water so she´s a little hesitant about the going under the water but she says if it´s low then she´ll  be okay with it haha. I love them so much.

We´re still working with Jael and Gabriela and Maira. They´re all ready to be baptized, have had all the lessons but they´re just still working through some doubts but they´re all reading the book of mormon and praying which is all we ask them to do. It was so funny during a lesson with Jael, we were going to show her a video and Hna. Lahmann bore her testimony and was prepping to push play when our little dvd player died. The timing was perfect. Hna. Lahmann and I just looked at each other, like what now? That was our whole message was this little video but then Jael had a cord that fit and that was a little tender mercy.

Another funny story was at lunch yesterday with a member, Tatiana. She knows english so she said the first prayer in english for fun and then I was like yeah I´ll say  the closing prayer if it´s in english that´s perfect! But I started to pray and the words were all jumbled in my mouth, I couldn´t pray in english I kept switching to spanish words it was so weird. I talk all the time in english but I always pray in spanish so to all of a sudden pray in english which I haven´t done for a couple months, it was hard. Hna. Lahmann couldn´t stop laughing, I can´t speak English or Spanish now!

Thanks so much for everyone´s love and support, I am so appreciative of everyone that takes the time to email me, it means so much! You are all so wonderful and everyday I am just more and more grateful for all the people and all the blessings in my life. Have a great week everyone!

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