Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day!!

July 4, 2016 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!! I hope you are all celebrating with fireworks and food and having a wonderful day with the hot weather!!! Today we celebrated with the missionaries that are in Catriel an area really close by and our investigators and recent converts in the chapel. The elders made pizza and Hna. Lahmann made sliders, mini hamburgers, and I made the american flag cake of course!!! It was so fun! We all just had a crazy good time together for Pday.

It was a good stress release because this week gave Hna. Lahmann and I a run for our money. We had been preparing Sofia y Priscila for their baptism everyday this week and had everything prepared. The elderes even had the pool filled, we were set. We go early Saturday morning to just have to have their dad sign the papers, which he said he would the night before and Elder Valenzuela needed to do the interview. But when we arrive all of a sudden he just changed his mind! We were like wait what? He said he wants his daughters to be older and that kids are too young to make this decision and there was a woman there that we had never met before that was kind of attacking us with things like how dare we come in and try to baptize these girls. We were so confused! We´d been preparing them for weeks and their dad was okay with everything but all of a sudden no and we had to respect that. Hna. Lahmann were so sad, I don´t think I´ve ever felt so much sadness, my heart was so heavy. It just wasn´t their time and it was a learning experience for both of us.

I´ve really learned that there just aren´t good or bad days anymore. Everyday is a mix of both, the mission is the craziest rollercoaster ride ever and all I can do is make sure I´m buckled in with my testimony and hold on tight! One moment you´re sad beyond belief and the next you´re experiencing unexplainable joy because you found a new investigator. Ups and downs. One up  this week was we had conference with presidente in Cipolletti. It was so wonderful! We get to hear the testimonies of the missionaries that are going home either this transfer or the next so I got to hear the testimony of my district leader, Elder Valenzuela, and my dear dear trainer, Hermana Lahmann. I´m sad beyond belief that she´s leaving the mission so soon but grateful beyond belief for her example and everything I´ve learned from her. The spirit was so strong! My testimony was strengthened hearing all the other missionaries share theirs. At the last minute I had to give the closing prayer and I didn´t even have time to be nervous, I just got up and prayed in spanish in front of a whole bunch of missionaries and our president in spanish! But it came, the spanish came! I know that the Lord is helping me in everything I do and He´s preparing me to start to become my own missionary without my trainer :( Transfers are this week and we have no idea what´s going to happen. I love the mission with all my heart, I can´t imagine my life any other way now. The mission is my life. I am so grateful for each and every sad and joyful experience!

pic 1: At conference we ate sloppy joes! SLOPPY JOES! I miss American food.....
pic 2: Us with the hermanas working in Fernandez Oro, we got to work with them again after conference.
pic 3: Hna. Lahmann with our American Flag Argentina
pic 4: The north americans reppin our red, white, and blue!

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