Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tortas Fritas and Fasting

June 6, 2016 

   This week was a really good one. A good start to a new transfer. Hna. Lahmann and I have a lot of new goals and we´re working so hard to achieve them! We fasted that our investigators would come with us to church on Sunday and we had 4 come! We were so exited! It was hard though because the night before we had a FHE with flia Olivera and they made us tortas fritas which are really similar to scones, they´re so yummy! But we were fasting and we had to turn them down, luckily she let us take them with us :) Hna. Lahmann had me juggle for the FHE, each ball represented something, prayer, scriptures, church, the holy ghost and it´s only when we have all those things that we can do awesome things like juggle! And we can reach our goal of going to the temple.

    I had a hard day on Thursday but Hna. Lahmann was so nice and we went to get ice cream and that helped. She also shared with me a devotional that she went to when she was in the MTC about knowing the adversary. When you play a sport you need to know your opponent because then you´ll know how to beat them. Hna. Lahmann told me to think about how the adversary speaks to me (2 Nephi 28:22) and then she told me to turn a corner. Imagine you´re walking down a street but when you turn the corner and try to look back, you can´t, all you see is a corner. And then you can focus more on moving forward. That helped me so much. Hna. Lahmann is the best trainer and best missionary and I love her so much.

    I love our investigators so much. Jael is progressing so much, she wasn´t able to come to church yesterday but she is an angel and wants to be baptized and is already living all the commandments. We´re still working with Gabriela and her sister Maira but they came to Relief Society and our Principals of the Gospel class before they had to leave, but we´re going to spend the rest of our Pday with them and have a girls day. They´re going to make us tacos! They really have become some of our really good friends and they are so special to us. Gabriela is so close to being baptized, she just doesn´t want to put a date and still has a lot to work out but we won´t ever give up on her. 

Thanks for all your emails and all your love and support!

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