Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pictures June 20, 2016

Pic 1- This was when we raked a less active member´s backyard....Argentina style.

Pic 2- Hna. Lahmann and I loving 25 de mayo!

Pic 3- After zone conf. we had all day before our bus took us back to 25 de mayo so we went to Hna. Lahmann´s last area Fernandez Oro and we worked there for the day. There was an awesome railroad.

Pic 4- Cleaning out the elders pension....it was pretty scary some of the stuff we found in the fridge...

Pic 5- Hna. Lahmann and I bought coke one day for lunch to go with our empanadas and we had a caffeine overload and sugar crash. This is hna. Lahmann with her coca cola hangover.

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