Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Capacitaciones, Pensiones, Descurso...oh my!

June 20, 2016 

   This week was only slightly insane. On Monday Hna. Lahmann and I went to pay rent and we started talking to our landowner and taught him the first lesson and put a baptism date with him and one of his daughters, what? It was so awesome. It was really funny because we couldn´t remember for the life of us his name so Hna. Lahmann was writing down our next appt. and asked him, "How do you spell your name again?" He looked at us like we were crazy and said, "It´s Jose". Seriously everyone down here is named Jose, it´s the easiest name on the planet! Hna. Lahmann played it off cool and replied, " Oh, sometimes it´s not spelled with a J you know?" Hahaha afterwards we could not stop laughing at how dumb we must have looked.

   Tuesday we had our capacitacion de zona with our brand new zone, Zona Cinco Saltas! So we were up early that morning to catch a bus to Cinco Saltas. The best news is that we´re allowed to play soccer again on Pdays! We weren´t able to play at all but now we can but only with other hermanas. The downside is though that every time we travel we always get sick. So when we got back to 25 de mayo we were so dead.

   Usually they give the hermanas the nicer pension but our apt. has just been freezing cold, our heater is right by the front door but there´s a long hallway that´s so far from where we study in the kitchen so we´ve slowly been turning into ice cubes. The hna leaders called us and we just told them that it´s been really cold. Next thing we know the elders that work in the office are calling us and telling us that we need to switch pensions with Elder Valenzuela y Elder Baldovino. We were like, seriously? But I guess it went all the way to Presidente and Hna. Casariego and they said that they´re going to try to find a new pension but in the meantime we have to move into the elders pension and they´ll get our ice box one. So most of Friday and Saturday we spent cleaning packing, cleaning some more and then unpacking. Hna. Lahmann and I felt so bad for our elders and we had no idea that it would become such a big thing but we have been getting so sick and a cold pension doesn´t help so now we´re settled into our "new" pension. We love it though and it´s really WARM! We had forgotten what that felt like... It´s been so cold here, winter has started, there´s always frost in the morning when we go running.

   With all of this that happened, we get a call saturday night from Presidente Barleta asking if I´ll give a talk tomorrow at church. So yesterday I gave my first talk in spanish, yikes! It was just about the family for father´s day so it wasn´t too bad but it was pretty stressful trying to write it and then we also had to plan our principles of the gospel class. So we were in a frenzy sunday morning on top of trying to call all our investigators to get them to come to church with us.

   Well that was my week pretty much in a nutshell. Our investigators are doing good, we´re working on preparing two sisters, Sofia y Prisila for baptism not this week but next. And Jael is so ready but she just needs to come to church. We´ve been working with just some of the sweetest people ever, all of our investigators are just so special.

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