Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Transfer of Traveling

May 2, 2016 

Hello all! It's been another week of miracles in 25 de mayo! Hna. Lahmann and I have been working so hard and I feel like my legs are about to fall off! It's definitely autumn now, all the leaves are different colors and the air is colder most of the time. It's so beautiful though. So this past week we went to a conference in Neuquen so more long bus rides but the conference was so great. Elder Gonzalez from one of the 70s came and spoke to us. I didn't understand a lot but Hna. Lahmann filled me in on what I wasn't understanding. I also loved the conference just because I was able to meet so many of the other missionaries serving in Neuquen. There are so many elder's and not a lot of hermanas but I was able to meet most of Hna. Lahmann's previous companions and that was so great! We're going to travel again tomorrow to Rincon for zone conference and that's another 3 hour bus ride. Haha so much traveling but it's fun to see more of Argentina and meet more missionaries. 

Oh goodness. Okay, so last transfer Hna. Lahmann had lice but she had done the treatment and everything was good and she had totally cleaned everything but I guess they're pretty persistent little bugs and last Friday she found some more in her brush! So I got to spend a few good hours on Friday dousing her hair with lice treatment and using that special comb to go through her hair. We had to wash everything in the pension again and made sure we killed them. It's a miracle that she didn't find any in my hair but she treated my hair too just in case. So far so good. I never thought I'd need to know the spanish word for lice but I do now! Evil little piojos! Today we bought new brushes for both of us too. Today there was the most gigante spider in our kitchen! Seriously Hna. Lahmann said she hadn't seen one that big in her entire mission! It was larger than two of my big toes. We trapped it and then had the elders come and kill it for us. So lots of unwanted bugs this week but we're all good now. 

The ice cream here is amazing! So yummy! The most famous ice cream here is called Gridos and Hna. Lahmann and I went the other day. I got dulce de leche con brownie and that was just heavenly.

The elders had a baptism on Saturday, a little boy named Santiago. It was so special and it was the first baptism I've been to on my mission! They have a deep sort of pool that we use as our font. There are so many little kids here in 25 de mayo and the elders are baptizing them all! Whenever the kids see us in the streets they run up to us screaming "misioneras, misioneras!" It's the cutest thing ever. 

Hna. Lahmann and I focused a lot on finding this week because we don't have many investigators. We were so blessed this week because we only were able to teach 4 lessons which is kind of disappointing but out of those lessons we have 8 new investigators with a baptismal date! That's so crazy and definitely a miracle. One of the boys from a family we're teaching, Luciano came to church with us yesterday and had a good experience. Seriously there is not a better feeling in the world than watching people accept and want to learn more about the gospel and the things that are true! 

I love missionary work and I know that there is no greater work to be doing than the Lord's.Every single day here is a day full of new miracles. I hope you all are well and know that I love you all! Have the best week!

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