Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sick of Rainy Days

May 16, 2016 

Hello everyone! This week was a long one. We spent all of last Monday and Tuesday in Cipoletti for intercambios and it rained so much! We spent Pday in the chapel in Cipoletti and made pizza and played games with the zone there. On Tuesday I got to work with the hermana lider Hna. Maldonado. She´s so amazing, she´s from Buenos Aires so I definitely used every ounce of spanish that I know trying to communicate with her but she said she understood me pretty well. She also is learning english and knows a lot so that helped too. She told me that she wants to learn english so that she can watch general conference and be able to hear and understand the prophet´s actual voice. I loved that so much and it made me so grateful that I´m able to understand our prophet and have that be my native language. While we worked together it rained the entire time and when we finally got back to 25 de mayo it was still raining.

We got back Wednesday and Hna. Lahmann was so sick with the cold. So this entire week we spent in the pension. She slept all day and I would study. It was hard being stuck in the pension and I was starting to get a little stir crazy. I bet I listened to every single EFY song ever put out. It rained every single day and the poor elderes had to bring us lunch. I felt so bad too because Presidente and Hna. Casariego surprised us by coming to 25 on Thursday! They just called and were like hey we´re here for entrevistas (interviews) so we had to get up and go to the church for interviews. Presidente is so nice and I could understand him really well! He was so nice about how my spanish is coming along.

Hna. Lahmann and I were in charge of ward family home evening this week so we planned that super fast and played games. Also one miracle that happened was Luisana coming to church on Sunday! Hna. Lahmann and her previous companion baptized Luisana last transfer but then she just stopped coming to church and when we saw her she would pretend she didn´t know us and ignore us. She´s 11. But she came to church and was so sweet. We´re gonna make sure she doesn´t go inactive.

Something funny is that Hna. Lahmann says that I´ve been sleeptalking a lot at night. In english and in spanish! My brain is really fried from listening so hard to understand what people say. Anyways we´re excited to get back to work this week. Hna. Lahmann is feeling a ton better.

I love you all and have a wonderful week.

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