Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jordy says:

May 8, 2016 

     On May 8 we all got to Skype with Lynzee for Mother's Day. It was awesome to see her and hear her voice. She seems super happy and healthy and has an amazingly sweet companion. Some things of note Lynzee mentioned was how much she loved the desserts. She also loves the family feeling in Neuquen. She often will be teaching one member of a family and then throughout the day meet the rest of their family and end up teaching everyone. She also said that she feels like she is in the perfect place because every family has pets - dogs or a new litter of kittens. 
   I asked her what things surprised her most about missionary work. She said her biggest surpris was the emphasis on baptism. She was taken aback at how she needed to convince a stranger she had just met to be baptized right off the bat, but she says it is beneficial both because it invites the spirit and because it helps set a goal for the investigator and the missionaries. 
   Lynzee says another difficult thing is that many investigators have been open to the message but hesitant to leave their church which they have been going to for years and have an already established community. Lynzee says this is where church members are key because they help establish new friendships for the investigator and can share their experience changing from one church to the other. Lynzee says when she gets home she wants to help the missionaries more by giving names and going tracting and so on because she appreciates how the members have helped her and her companion. I also asked Lynzee to describe something she expected missionary work to be like that turned out to be true and she said all the walking and serving the people that she meets. 
   She seems to be having a fantastic time and I just wanted to share that with everyone. 


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