Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 5

April 14, 2016 

This was an...interesting week. It went by super fast but everything felt a little off. At the beginning of this week there was just a lot of worldliness in the CCM and some missionaries havent been exactly obedient. I've realized how easy it is not to be! Even some of the tiniest things I have to constantly be reminding myself of what I should be doing. And as a result some of us have felt some of Satan's influence here. I'm fine and there was only one night where I just could not sleep because of thoughts just racing around in my head. But some of the elders and my companion had more freaky experiences. I never had slept with my nametag on before and I thought that the hermanas that did were a little over the top but now I do every night just to have that added protection. Because of this Hna. Tinsley and I got comfort blessings. Elder Orozco gave mine and it was exactly what I needed to help me remember my faith and not my fears. Faith and fear can't be in the same place! One of the most precious things that I took from that blessing was that the Spirit is happy to reside with me. Because of my faithfulness and diligence in working on becoming a missionary and because of the covenants I've made I have the gift of the Holy Ghost and that is huge! Sorry to be kind of weird thing to share but it was a real thing that affected a lot of the missionaries that are here in the CCM with me.

We were able to go proselyting again this Saturday! I was actually really anxious about going but before we left we had our second interview with Presidente Benton and just talked about my progress here and if I feel okay about going out into the field next Tuesday. Talking with him was a tender mercy of the Lord because everything we talked about was exactly what I needed to hear. He talked to me about spanish and how every missionary will struggle and that's just part of the mission and he talked to me about specific goals that I could set to help me learn more. He talked to me about how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there for me. It was a whole lot of good spiritual stuff and it gave me more hope for going proselyting. Proselyting was good and I'm constantly surprised about how nice people are to us on the streets. Something that I'm getting used to is that instead of knocking on doors you clap. A lot of the homes here in Buenos Aires have gates and so you clap your hands and someone will come to the door. The first time I did it I felt really silly but I kind of love it too. We didn't have a lot of success and we just handed out a lot of passalong cards. The best part of proselyting is the lunches that the CCM give us and there's always oreos in there.

I did get my first mosquito bite here, which is a bummer but I have to brag that I made it five weeks in Argentina without getting one. I usually get eaten alive! It's been rainy so much here so there's been more that are out and about. I also have to brag about dulce de leche donuts that they'll have out at breakfast. They are so so good! Dulce de leche is everywhere down here and I'm not complaining!

On Sunday I was finally able to watch 17 Miracles, it is so good! I can't believe I hadn't watched it before now.  Sunday was a weird day because one of the North American elders in the other district, Elder Olsen had some bladder troubles and ended up having to go to the hospital here. Hes been there for the past 3 days! He's doing okay and got everything sorted out but the entire CCM was constantly praying and worrying about him. He got back late last night. He's seems alright but he had a rough experience. Send a prayer his way if you can.

Other than that it was a normal week of attempting to learn and remember spanish, teach lessons and work on becoming a better missionary. I have so long to go but I can't even stand how excited I am to be here and to finally get down to Neuquen! I'll leave the CCM on Tuesday. They haven't given us any times or flight itinerary stuff but I've heard its a couple hour plane ride from the CCM to Neuquen. I won't have another PDay for a week. I feel your prayers and am so grateful for all the emails I get, I love you guys! God is so good to us!

With all my love, Hermana Slade

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