Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 4

April 7, 2016

Hello everyone! So they changed the time we email this week so sorry for it being so early over there in SLC. Its 7:30 am here. This week was a good one! So last P Day after I got to email, the new transfer of latino-a missionaries came to the CCM but so did an Elder from the Provo MTC. I guess he was originally supposed to come when me and all the other missionaries came but there was miscommunication with his call so he did 3 weeks in Provo and came last week to finish out here with us. His name is Elder Orozco and he was put into our district and his companion is Elder Vonasek. It was so funny because from the first day we knew that Elder Jensen looks exactly like Alex the Lion from the movie Madagascar but as soon as we met Elder Orozco we knew he was supposed to be in our district because he looks exactly like King Julian! No lie! I can't send more pictures until I'm out in the field but when I do you'll all see what I'm talking about haha.

I love our new latina roommates! They are the sweetest people I have ever met, also the messiest but that's okay! We've got the biggest room so we have Hnas. OrĂ¡n, Llanos, Tieto, Urruchua and Rodriguez with us. Hna. Oran speaks the most english but they're all so amazing and patient with my spanish. I had a neat little experience one of the nights this week. I was "talking" with Hna. Llanos, it's in quotes because it's hard to have a conversation when I have hardly any spanish but anyway she was asking me some questions about whether I like to write in my journal in spanish or not. I just kind of replied that I write mostly random words in spanish or a sentence here or there. After I struggled through trying to say what I wanted to she looked at me and said, "that was beautiful spanish!" I was so shocked! I didn't believe her and thought she was just being nice. But immediately I knew it was a little tender mercy from the Lord. He was letting me know that he's aware of my efforts and desires to learn spanish. It was so incredibly simple but it gave me hope that I'll know this language one day. My motto this week has been that I've never been happier feeling so discouraged everyday. That's exactly what a mission feels like and I'm only in the CCM! That will probably be a reoccuring motto. It's discouraging that I don't know more but I have a brightness of hope that I try to carry with me all the time.

It's rained every single day this week. I've never been more happy to have packed rain boots and to have my red umbrella. It's been puddles for days. The first day it started we were all so excited! I love the rain so for physical activity everyone still went outside and just played in the rain. I huddled under my umbrella because I kind of don't want to get sick again but it was so fun watching all the elderes y hermanas play soccer, basketball and volleyball just dripping wet! The teachers were hesitant to let us back in everyone was so soaked! All the rain means just beautiful sunsets! Instead of being reds and oranges like in Utah they're all purple and blue and cooler colors. So pretty!

My mom asked me a very important question in one of her emails about what desserts are like in Argentina and I thought I better rub it in that desserts here are amazing! Dulce de leche is at every meal in these little packets and in every dessert we get. It's similar to caramel and is so good! We've had cake and ice cream. We've had cookies but they're a harder cookie, not baked. They give us a lot of yogurt and puddings too. So I'm definitlely getting my sweets. Let's just say I try to make the most out of physical activity everyday. I'm going to miss the food here a lot once I get out into the field. Everyone says the CCM is paradise compared to out there and I believe it.

This week was wonderful with General Conference! I feel so blessed that I was able to be here in the CCM for it, we were able to watch all the sessions with only just a little bit of delay beacause of the time difference. I love when they show the SLC temple before it starts, it felt just like being there. I didn't feel thousands of miles away. Some of my favorite talks were Elder Bednars and Hollands and I also really loved Mervyn B. Arnolds about going to the rescue. It was such a different experience not just watching conference for myself but for the purpose of how the Lord can use me to do His work. Watching it for my investigators and the people that I will teach someday. The scripture that's kept coming to my mind this week has been the one about how through small and simple things the Lord lets great things come to pass. I am small and my testimony is a simple one, my spanish is even simpler but the Lord will bring about great things as long as I am faithful and diligent. We were also able to watch the recording of the Womens Session on Sunday morning and the beautiful messages about service were so wonderful to hear.

It's hard to believe my days at the CCM are winding down but it just motivates me to work harder, when I think about when I actually get down to Neuquen I get so terrified! But I'm also so excited! I just want to thank everyone for my emails! I feel so blessed everytime I log on and get to read your sweet messages. Much love and have a wonderful week!

Hermana Slade

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