Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 3

March 31 , 2016 

This week is my halfway mark for the CCM! It's week three so only two in a half more to go! It's so weird to think how soon I'll be in the field. Im nervous just because my spanish needs so much work.

It's been quiet around here the last couple days because the last group of latino missionaries left on Tuesday and we don't have new ones coming until later today. So it was just the two North American districts at the CCM. I can't wait for new roommates because then I'll be able to practice spanish more with native speakers.

Last Saturday we went proselyting in the city. How it works is they assign us a 4 block radius somewhere in Buenos Aires, a bus comes and gets us and then drops us off on a curb and we're free to go anywhere in our area for about 5 hours. Hna. Tinsley and I were so nervous! But we were able to talk to a lot of people and they were super nice about us learning spanish. We mostly gave away pass along cards about the church but we found people who were willing to learn more so we took down their basic contact information to pass along to the actaul missionaries. We definitely became more confident after that but understanding was hard because everyone talks so fast! There was this guy we met named Walter with his neice that were out washing their car so we stopped to talk to them and they were so receptive to our message! We felt inspired to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he was so grateful and told us he knew that we were supposed to run into him when we did. That experience was a miracle from Heavenly Father. I definitely have learned that the way missionary work is organized is divine and that how everything is done is because that's how the Lord wants it to be done.

Sunday was Easter! We had a beautiful sacrament meeting, based on what little spanish I understood, the spirit I felt and the beautiful musical numbers. I love I Need Thee Every Hour in spanish, no matter what language it's in, I just love that hymn! We watched a live devotional broadcasted from Provo MTC and Elder Ballard spoke. In District meeting we all bore our testimonies of the Savior and the spirit was so strong! It was wonderful to here my district share about how our Savior has blessed their lives. Easter was also awesome because at lunch they gave us cute chocolate easter eggs. Yummy!

We watched a devotional from 2012 given by Elder Neil L. Anderson and that was incredible. My favorite thing he said is that the Lord will shape our backs. He talked about how the Lord strengthens us so we can bear our burdens. He qualifies who he calls and he will help us to become our potential. I also loved the idea of shaping our backs because the chairs and beds here at the CCM are so uncomfortable! All the hermanas take turns cracking each others backs for us because they're so sore and tense all the time. Heavenly Father will strengthen me not only spiritually but physically as well and it is a comfort to know that.

So Hna. Tinsley and I have been teaching Pablo  and Rosmery. I didn't explain this very well but our Progressive Investigators are just teachers here at the CCM that take on a real situation and we practice with them as though they were a real investigator. I have learned so much from doing this and I know that even though it's not a real lesson there are people out there who go through those struggles and real situations. We invited Rosmery to be baptized and she accepted! We still have a lot to teach her but the best feeling came when she said yes. I'm definitely getting better at recognizing the spirit and trying to follow where it leads us.

During physical activity this week I taught Hna. Myrick how to juggle! She absolutely loved it and everyone made me prove to them that I can juggle 5. We stole some apples from the kitchen and used those. It was so fun!

One of our teachers Hna. Cristeche is engaged and we met her fiance. We about died laughing when we told him he looked like a latino prince eric from the little Mermaid.

Mostly just the same as always with me trying to learn spanish and teach lessons in a language I don't know. I love it though and I love my mission! I've developed a love for the spanish language and I know one day I'll get it!  I wish you all the best and know I love all of you so much! Until next week!

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