Saturday, April 23, 2016


April 20, 2016 
Hola madre!

I am safe in Neuquen. We arrived late last night. I only have a few minutes to write so you can send this on to everyone if you want, you choose.

We left the CCM around 10 in the morning on Tuesday and took a bus to a different airport than the one we came in. I saw the Atlantic Ocean, it was right next to the airport! My first time seeing the ocean! Our first flight was supposed to be around 2 or 3 but it was cancelled and we were told it would be a late night flight or we would have to wait the following morning. Luckily that didnt happen and we caught the flight leaving around 7. It was a long day at the BA airport but Im just glad we didnt have to stay overnight! The flight from Buenos Aires to Neuquén was only an hour and half so not bad at all. I traveled with six other missionaries, Hnas. Jarvis, Alder, Neal and Flores y Elderes Perez y Ortiz. I guess Hna. Neal went to the Provo MTC because her visa didnt arrive on time. It was a fun surprise to finally meet her. She reminds me so much of Corie Randall. Shes super fun and spunky.

Presidente Casariego and his wife and his assistants were at the airport to greet us and they helped us with our luggage. We had a really late dinner of empanadas with them before we were rushed of to an hermanas apt to spend the night. Right now Im back at the mission home and ill have interviews and paperwork today. Tomorrow is when Ill meet my trainer. Presidente has a Facebook page if you want to try and find it. He took pictures and will post them. My Pday is on Monday so I will write more then and send pics then. Know that I am happy and I love you!

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  1. Lynzee found a post on google before she left for her mission that Hermana Neale was leaving for the same mission, same time as Lynzee. We were looking for her at the SLC airport, but didn't know what happened to her. So now we know, her visa was delayed.