Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 25

April 25, 2016 

Hello everyone! I am in the field and absolutely loving it! My trainer Hna. Lahmann is seriously exactly what I need to get going on everything I have to learn! She is super supportive and patient and I am learning so much from her. She is from Sacramento California and has two sisters also. Shes been out for 15 meses. We have a lot in common with family stuff! We are currently serving in 25 de mayo. Haha thats the name of our area! A lot of places and streets here have dates as their names. Its one of the smallest areas but it is so charming and so different from Buenos Aires and I absolutely love it. Our area is the north zone of my mission and we are right by La Pampa. We got there late last Thursday night and just went straight to bed but started fresh Friday morning. She and I both like to run so we have been really good about doing that for our morning exercise everyday. I have met a lot of the members here and they are so sweet and kind! We had a lunch appt a couple times but we also do something we call tupper which is basically taking an empty container to a family and they will give us almuerzo for the day and we will take it back to our pension to eat. 

In the CCM I was not shy about speaking spanish, I just spoke what I could because I knew everyone else was learning too. In the field though I am so quiet! I feel so embarrassed about how terrible my spanish is but Hna. Lahmann is so great with helping me practice and with letting me speak during lessons. We have an investigator, Pilar, who is so hesitant to committ to a date for baptism. We are praying for 14 de mayo! There are a good amount of members around and they are so great about working with us. They are so supportive during church and they give us most of our references. 

At church on Sunday I had to introduce myself and bear my testimony. I was nervous but I also felt so comfortable with the members and I definitely have a bunch of missionary phrases in my head. Ive definitely learned that I am so much better at understanding spanish than I am at speaking it. Hna. Lahmann is impressed with how much I understand what people are saying and honestly so am I! Spanish is definitely a challenge for me. We have a lot of work to do here in 25 de mayo but I am so excited for it and am seriously just taking it one day at a time. It helps that my trainer is constantly upbeat and always positive and that makes all the difference. I am so blessed by her example, she is the kind of missionary I want to be every single day.

Our district here is just my trainer and I and two elderes. Elder Valenzuela from South Jordan Utah and Elder Maricoy from Chile. Our area is so small that we run into them everywhere. We will even go to one of our investigators houses to find them already there teaching! I love it though and it feels like we are fulfilling our purpose here. They are the best!

The food here is so good! Muy rico! Lots of the same things that I ate at the CCM. Wow, only a couple days in the field and the CCM feels like a different world. The weather has definitely gotten colder and the leaves are changing for autumn. Neuquen has more paved roads than I thought but its true its mostly dirt and cobblestones. I swear I see over a hundred different dogs a day. Sometimes they can be more aggressive but I have learned that you just have to look like youre reaching down for a rock to throw and theyll back off. There was this one that followed us around ALL day so we named him Pumba. It rained the other day so there was a rainbow! It was seriously the biggest one Ive ever seen it was so pretty! There arent any mountains where I am but its pretty and theres a few trees.

I feel really blessed because our pension is pretty nice. Already the mattress is so much better than the one in the CCM. We have a shower and a tiny little washing machine that doesnt look like any from the US. The only thing is that we have to flush the toilet by pouring a bucket of water into it. Also there is only spray on deodorant which I think is pretty funny. Haha but seriously I fall more and more in love with Argentina every single day I am here. The people, the culture, and the language! But most importantly I feel more and more love for our Padre Celestial and our Savior Jesucristo. Hna. Lahmann has helped me recognize miracles when they happen and there are so many milagros happening everyday! I love the people here and there are so many that are just ready for the gospel in their lives! 

Know that I am happy and doing well. There are some rough parts and I feel so inadequate but that just motivates me to keep pressing forward. There is nowhere else in the world id rather be.


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