Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 1

March 17, 2016

Hello everyone! Thank you for the flood of emails, they all mean so much to me! I know now what it means to have no time for anything so I´ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Well I am here in the Buenos Aires CCM and have officially survived my first week. At the SLC airport I met up with so many other missionaries. At our connecting flight in Atlanta we met up with about 10 more! We all had the same story, we were all supposed to go down to Provo and then last minute we all had flights to Argentina! It was so comforting to have so many others with me. Both flights I sat by complete strangers and I was in the middle so it was pretty uncomfortable! Both flights had turbulence which made me a little weezy but I was able to sleep the entire time so that made up for it. 

It was only a short bus ride from the airport to the CCM. We saw the Buenos Aires temple first thing and it is 100x prettier in person than any picture I've seen. As soon as we got there we got our name tags and I am offically Hermana Slade! We were given a ton of things to do our first day but we just sat through a bunch of meetings...

My companion is Hermana Tinsley and she is the CUTEST. We get along so well and we became friends so fast. Probably because we both are terrible at spanish! She's from Crescent City California. This week we've been teaching an investigator named Briana. It is so challenging, not only the language but we have really different ideas about how to teach. So its been hard to plan lessons!  We are working on it and our lesson on Wednesday went super well! Briana says she wants to repent and come to church. 

My patriarchal blessing talks about a quick and retentive mind and I feel thats how Heavenly Father is helping me out with the gift of tongues. I have been able to remember a lot and thats the biggest blessing. Its funny because in the morning my district and I have Hermano Feller as our teacher and he is super friendly and easy going and that makes me feel like I will actually learn spanish! Then in the evening we have Hermana Cristeche and she just really intimidates me. So every morning I feel hopeful about learning spanish and then every evening I second guess myself. 

The food here is okay. So. Much. Meat. and bread. At meals they always have fruit sitting out and I always feel better after I get my apple in for the day! They always have 3 different juices out and no one is quite sure what they are...There's a yellow one that Hna. Tinsley calls gummy bear juice. I just imagine them squeezing gummy bears into a pitcher haha! We are getting our fair share of carbs but Hna. Tinsley and I are so good about using our physical activity time. Its now my favorite part of the day because its the only time I am not glued to a chair. We usually run and do stretches or play basketball or volleyball.Its been really warm and the humidity isn't too bad but that's mostly from being in an air conditioned building all day. 

I love my district! We are definitely the funniest and the loudest. We already have so many inside jokes. My district has Hnas, Myrick, Walker, Bennett, Barnes, Poulsen and Vara. We have 3 elders, Elder Maxwell, our district leader, and Elder Jensen and Elder Vonosek. We always tease Elder Jensen because he looks like he walked straight out of a rom com. And he looks like Alex the Lion from Madagascar. No joke!

On Sunday we were able to take pictures at the temple which is not even a hop skip and a jump away from the CCM and today we went through and did an endowment. I was able to do it all in spanish! But that's because I had a card to read off of haha. Still it was really cool. On Sunday Hna. Bennett gave a talk and it was so beautiful. She said something that has been my motto all week, She said that as often as the feeling of being overwhelmed has come that more often she's been overwhelmed with love. I love that! 

We watched a MTC devo from 2014 where Jeffrey R. Holland spoke so of course it was so powerful! He talked about how we need to stop complaining about how hard mission life is and remember how hard it was for our Savior so why should it be easy for us.

Sorry I wish I could keep going but we have less than an hour to write! And its rough because this is a spanish keyboard so Im trying to figure out all the punctuation. Know that I love you all and I absolutely love my mission!!! Thanks for all your support! My P day is Thursday and I email around 1 pm Argentina time.   

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