Monday, June 5, 2017

This Week...

May 29, 2017

This week was just one of those weeks where you just got to keep going because that´s what we do as missionaries! We keep plugging along even when the work can be so frustrating sometimes. What helped me a lot was a scripture in Alma 29: 10 that says,

"And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me."

My district leader shared it with us and it just helped me remember to think about all the many miracles and experiences that I´ve had in my mission and to remember to just be grateful for those. And that our Heavenly Father just loves us so much!!! Even when we feel like we´re on our own sometimes, He is always with us and listening to our prayers.

The highlight of this week was our investigator, Brenda. We just love her so much, she comes to church every week! We were able to share a lunch with her on Friday and she´s just the best, we love her so much :)

pic 1: Our district went to a museum. Yay trevelin!
pic 2: Hello...hola....oi!
pic 3: When the elders make cookies on bad days haha :)
pic 4: I´m innocent!
pic 5: Us with the cutest member in Trevelin :) She always gives us her drawings.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland :)

May 22, 2017

Wow so much has happened this week it was so crazy fun! We started the week off wonderfully by finding two new investigators, Adriana and her son Franco! We taught the first lesson and they were sooo receptive and we´re so excited to start working more with them....the sad part is that they´ll be in Cordoba for the next two weeks so when they get back that´s when we´ll really be able to start teaching them more.

We had a wonderful experience at a branch council meeting, our branch president is so awesome! He is so amazing and really has the right mindset and right ideas to help the church here in Trevelin grow, it´s such a special time to be here! He bore his testimony and the Spirit was so strong! I know that God is preparing the people here in Trevelin for the gospel. I see His hand in the lives of these people every single day.

So funny story for the week! Hahaha I still can´t stop laughing about this. I had made a chocolate cake and we decided to share with the elders so when they stopped by, I told them I had made it because it was my birthday! They fell for it hard core and felt really bad that they didn´t know. I said it was okay and thought that was that. hahaha. Five minutes later  there´s a knock on our door. I answer it and the elders are standing there with ice cream in their hands and are singing me happy birthday in spanish!!!! I didn´t know what to do I was speechless, I felt so bad! My companion´s behind me and she´s like " Elders! It´s not true!" The elders faces are bright red and they say "chao hermanas". They forgave us but oh my gosh it was tooo funny.

Also yesterday! My comp and I had our first experience with Argentina snow!!! That´s right it snowed! I was so happy and Hna. Onofre even more because she had never seen snow before! It was soo fun. But we were drenched because we weren´t prepared for it! It was so beautiful and so magical. I hope we get more soon :)

pic 1: Being silly :P
pic 2: SNOW :)
pic 3: Drawing my district hahaha
pic 4: Watching chickens cross the road hahaha

Mother's Day Skype

May 14, 2017

May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

My first full week in action with Hna. Onofre and it was a great one! Not because we had a ton of success but because we really gave it everything we had. We worked so hard together and both feel that we´re here in Trevelin for a reason. Just working on finding those that are ready for our message. We talked to pretty much every person we saw this week :)

Everyday is full of miracles and the mission has just really helped me be grateful for all the tender mercies of the Lord. I´m so happy to be right where I am, sharing my testimony with all the people I get to meet. Trevelin has a ton of investigators that previos missionaries have been working with but that aren´t progressing and it´s helped me remember how hard it is to change. I´ve learned more than ever that if we want to change, if we want to be better, we´ve got to be the one´s that make the choice. That´s why we have our Savior to help us out and motivate us and give us the opportunity to really change our hearts if we let Him. But it all starts with our simple decisions everyday. And it can be so hard but it´s so worth it. 

I´m ready for another week helping the Lord do His work and just always trusting in Him, He knows who is ready and I´ve just got to keep being my best self and He´ll lead us to those who are waiting for the gospel. 

pic 1: I made snickerdoodles and they turned out sooo great!
pic 2: Skyping the fam
pic 3: us with one of our investigators son, Maximoooo :)
pic 4: Servicio...with some extra help :)

Oi! Vive Brasil!

May 8, 2017

Okay so this week went by so fast! Filled with more traveling from Esquel to Neuquen and back again. I left for Neuquen Tuesday in the morning and that night I spent with the hermanas there. I met the new sister missionaries, two from Buenos Aires and one from Brazil. I thought that as soon as I met them I would know which one would be my future companion, like I did when I met my trainer but that didn´t happen, I had no idea! Up until the moment they told us.

I´m with Hermana Onofre from Brazil! She´s so awesome, so sweet and we get along really well. I´m really excited for everything that we´re going to do together, all the people we´re gonna help. It was so great, our first day together we were able to put a baptism date with one of our investigators, Anahi. Hna. Onofre has a ton of energy to work so we´re both super excited.

Saturday we were in Esquel for Chapel Openhouse and then we were back in Esquel on Sunday for our conference with Pte. Casariego and the assistants. It was super good. We talked a lot about the holy ghost and how we can be succeessful missionaries. Through our desires, knowledge and capacidad. I love being on a mission, I never want it to end! There´s always more work to do and I´m just so grateful for my time here in Argentina. I love sharing my testimony with everyone that we meet.

pic1: Pillow picture :)
pic 2: On the way back to Trevelin
pic 3: Already eating good food from Brazil


May 1, 2017

What a week and it all led up to transfers. We recieved our transfers Sunday after church which gave us absolutely no time for anything. It was so crazy because Hna. Torre and I both felt so confident in staying together and staying in Trevelin. I´ve learned that transfers are never what you want or are expecting. So I had to say goodbye to my beautiful Hna. Torre and she´s off to Neuquen Centro! She´s going to be whitewashed with her new companion. That means they´re both gonna be new to the area. I´m so excited for her because she´s amazing and can do anything but so sad because I´m gonna miss her guts.

As for me well I´m staying in Trevelin which makes me super happy! And I´m gonna be training again!!! Wow so many emotions but I´ve just gotta trust the Lord, right? So I´m gonna be with the Hermanas in Esquel until Wednesday or so and then head up to Neuquen to the mission home to find out who my companion will be! I´m so nervous and excited and it´s so much pressure! It´s gonna be so different starting a training than it has been to finish. Praying my heart out that I´ll be able to help my newbie out.

So all yesterday Hna. Torre and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything prepared. Her packed up and the pension clean and saying goodbye to everyone and we had to figure it all out. I was folding clothes when I found a ladybug which is super random but it always makes me think of my mom and how ladybugs are a sign of good luck. Idk it just was a tender mercy to help me feel more calm and ready for this next week which will be crazy.

This week we saw some pretty awesome miracles. We´re visiting a little lady named Olga and she´s just the most chit chatty person ever, she loves to talk but we were able to invite her to be baptized and she accepted! We´re gonna help her have a date but it was a miracle that she accepted and has the desire to learn more. The work here in Trevelin is slow paced and everybody already knows who we are so it makes it a little rough but I´ve learned to just keep working hard and trusting in those miracles.

I´m ready for another transfer loving and serving the people in Trevelin! Lots of love,

Hermana Slade

pic 1: Last family photo outside the Elders´pension. Their landlord´s dog Nemo is our best friend.
pic 2: Saying goodbye to Hna. Torre :(
pic 3: I am loving Fall!!!
pic 4: Never too cold for ice cream on hard days.
pic 4: Picking pears outside the church haha....

Heavenly Father, I Am Grateful...

April 24, 2017

If you haven´t heard David Archuleta´s song called My Little Prayer then just know that Hna. Torre and I have listened to it plenty of times to make up for it. We love it so much haha.

This week was a learning experience for us in many ways. The mission is a rollercoaster of faith. Our hopes and faith are so high and we´re seeing miracles so when things don´t play out the way we pray or hope they will then it´s a reflection on what we can learn. We saw so many miracles this week helping prepare Pamela for her baptism but it´s gonna take a little more time. She accepted to live the word of wisdom and everything, she shared with us her testimony of the book of mormon. We planned a day for her interview with our district leader, but then on saturday night she sent us a text saying that she can´t decide between our church and another. We only invited her to pray so that she can have her answer. So we´re praying super hard for her that our Heavenly Father can answer her sincere prayer. She´s so incredible and Hna. Torre and I have the faith that she´ll be baptized.

We accomplished a big goal of ours though! This was so wonderful! We had a family home evening with Brenda, her husband and their little son and it was so much fun. We shared about eternal families and the spirit was so sweet. It´s so easy to see the bad and the negative in another person but it´s when we focus on the good and then serve that´s when love in our family grows. Families can be together forever!

Every day I am so grateful for my mission, it has strengthened my testimony of the gospel but most importantly of my Savior. Jesus Christ loves us so much and is so so patient with us. He knows exactly what can help us and our Heavenly Father listens to every prayer we say and He answers them in His way and in His time. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love being one of His missionaries. Have a great week full of love and service and seeing God´s hand in our lives.

pic 1: Taking fall selfies while raking leaves #service
pic 2: Rainy weather :)
pic 3: I love little Trevelin